HIVRecombination Mechanisms

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  • Selection/protein viability
    • Simon-Loriere et al.: Molecular mechanisms of recombination restriction in the envelope gene of the human immunodeficiency virus. PLoS Pathog. 2009;5:e1000418.
      • Using a cell culture system, recombinants are generated, then these are tested for viability of the env protein, and these distributions are compared to each other as well as the global breakpoint distribution. Main conclusion: protein viability accounts for quite a lot of selective pressure on globally relevant forms. Evolution via recombination is more predictable than originally thought.

* Model incorporating sequence identity accounts for much of the irregular breakpoint distribution in the absence of selection.

* RNA structure influences recombination rate in a non-trivial way. There appears to be an optimal range of stability of hairpins which allows opening but also strand switching within the stem. Rules out possibility that hairpins merely function as pause sites.

-- Oscar Westesson - 28 May 2009