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This is intended to serve as a reservoir of acronyms for general use.

Established but uncommon acronyms

  • BPC - before politically correct. From a Montanan truck driver, after describing the progression of generations.
    • Note: gourmet magazine circa 1990 is definitely BPC. "Aruba: our only business is your vacation"
  • TCB - taking care of business. Possibly originated by Cosmo Kramer
  • DUMBO - down under the manhattan bridge overpass. brooklyn-ers, what will they think of next!
  • TIMTOWTDI - Wikipedia:There_is_more_than_one_way_to_do_it
  • HTH - Hope this helps.
    • Alternates: helix turn helix (protein structure), highway to hell (ACDC album), How the heck?


  • EB - east bay. This is not only easy to say, but allows for such puns as "the EB gives me the EB-jeebies"
  • Do Po - dolores park. e.g. like Yogurt Park -> Yo Po
  • DPS - drip protection system. Many leaks in the shack led to this

Crazy ideas

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